The firm’s management team has remained steadfast in its commitment to a rigorous and disciplined investment process. Over three decades of investment experience has been married to proprietary modeling and trading technologies necessary to compete in a data driven world.

Troy W. Buckner

Founder and Principal

Mr. Buckner founded NuWave in 2000 and has directly overseen the firm’s investment activities since its inception.


Yury V. Orlov

Co-Head of Research and Principal

Dr. Orlov joined NuWave in October of 2003 and, along with Mr. Buckner, is directly responsible for the firm’s research and development efforts.

Assets Under Management $200 MM
Founded 2000
Professionals 8
Strategies Offered
  • 3 Managed Futures
  • 1 Equity Portfolio
  • 1 Multi-Strat Portfolio

Essentially, the firm seeks to model the influence of external macro-oriented factors (e.g., supply, demand, geopolitical events, etc.) on key aspects of human behavior and decision making in order to forecast directional price behaviors across financial and commodity markets.


Our multi-strategy approach to trading is grounded in behavioral science theory, and the firm has long been a pioneer in advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning as applied to financial modeling.

In practical terms, our models are designed to “learn” in much the same manner as a human learns (i.e., by assimilating known facts and circumstances with prior experiential factors), but without the inherent cognizant and computational limitations of the human brain.

Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts allow our modeling process to consider hundreds of opportunities simultaneously with continuous data flow in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.